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A comprehensive guide to Hindu Culture

Follow the Hindu Moon -- the only comprehensive guide to south Indian festival celebration

Vibrant, and joyous,
Hindu festivals are the living threads of an ancient tradition.

Following them is a key to the deep and profound philosophy  that is revealed as you do-and-learn.

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Follow the Hindu Moon: a guide to the festivals of south India
This two volume, richly illustrated, cloth bound set
has everything for perfect festival planning,
preparation, prayer, and participation
Akshata to Vastra. Learn why we ring the bell, how to offer a gift, and about different kinds of lamps
All this and more in the
Basics chapter.

Embrace the almighty


What is Pooja? How does one pray?

What do the prayers mean?
What are the festival specific prayers?
Find your answers in the chapter
Embracing the Almighty

fthm 14 stories
Why do we celebrate?
What do these stories signify?

What relevance does this have in our lives today?
Read the stories that accompany each festival
and share this heritage with your children.

recipesPrepare the perfect Neivedhyam offerings for each festival.
Delicious Sheedias, perfect Rava laddoos, crisp thattais,
crunchy kadubu, different sorts of flavored rice, payasams
and more
in the recipes section

festoonsLearn how to draw kolams/rangoli,
thread flowers, make mango leaf festoons and more in

the festoons and decorations section

fthm7 get organised
Festivals can be well planned.
Organise yourself and
plan your shopping with the checklists
and tips provided in the Get organised chapter

All this and more
in this two volume heritage set
for just Rs. 3500

Shipping free in India

lets celebrate




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