Follow the Hindu Moon

                                                                                                      A guide to the festivals of south India

                                                                                              Soumya Aravind Sitaraman

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Soumya Aravind Sitaraman

Soumya Sitaraman is a freelance writer and award-winning artist. She has contributed articles on Indian art, architecture, and culture to several leading magazines worldwide. She serves on the advisory committee of non-profit arts and culture oganisations in Bangalore   where she lives with her husband and more

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Photographer: Usha Kris




Published November 2007

Random House 

India Limited

908 pages

Hardcover, 2 volume set in slipcase

Rs. 3500

ISBN: 978 81 8400 011 5

Genre: Non Fiction, Culture


Richly illustrated with about 1000 photographs





Share your Traditions

Project Overview

Follow the Hindu Moon: A guide to festivals in south India , a Random House publication, is a comprehensive step-by-step guide through the what, why, where, how and when of every festival. For this current publication, I interviewed scores of families, several of whose grandmothers and great grandmothers shared their experiences and expertise despite health and distance constrictions. I traveled to the four southern states and completed the research with inputs from experts in different fields of science, culture, art and religion. 

The response to this work has been tremendous. At the urging from several fronts to widen the scope and include the living traditions of other states, I created this section to begin the process of expanding the Hindumoon research archives

The questionnaires and templates created are a simple and small place to begin. By participating, as contributor, you would record your families traditions and provide a large reference pool for the future. 

Some Guidelines

As a first step, register as a contributor. Kindly take a few minutes to fill in the information sheet. This is critical as I would need to know community, geographical and cultural background you belong to along with your contact information. I would need to be able to talk to contributors as required for the research. Rest assured, this is my personal journey and none of the contact information will be divulged to any third party.   

Once you register as a contributor, I will e-mail a series of PDF documents based on what kind of information you wish to contribute. Some you can fill online and others are downloadable and printer friendly. A link to the latest Acrobat reader is also provided for your convenience.

I am available at any time to answer your queries and listen to your stories. E-mail! Please understand that every bit of knowledge we collect together makes the work whole. I look forward to learning about your traditions. I appreciate your time and efforts.

Register as a contributor now and begin sharing your families unique customs.



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