Follow the Hindu Moon

                                                                                                      A guide to the festivals of south India

                                                                                              Soumya Aravind Sitaraman

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Pooja Basics

Embracing the Almighty

Getting Organised

Celebrate! Festivals

Hindu Cosmology

Path to God

Festival Food



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Soumya Aravind Sitaraman

Soumya Sitaraman is a freelance writer and award-winning artist. She has contributed articles on Indian art, architecture, and culture to several leading magazines worldwide. She serves on the advisory committee of non-profit arts and culture oganisations in Bangalore   where she lives with her husband and more

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Photographer: Usha Kris








Published November 2007

Random House 

India Limited

908 pages

Hardcover, 2 volume set in slipcase

Rs. 3500

ISBN: 978 81 8400 011 5

Genre: Non Fiction, Culture


Richly illustrated with about 1000 photographs








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