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We are all spiritual beings in temporal bodies. Finding this true nature of ours is life's journey. The Hindu way, Sanathana Dharma, makes this search joyful and celebratory. Come, let's discover the fun of festivals and the grandeur of Sanaatana Dharma. HinduMoon brings a unique range of wonderful resources that bring alive ancient Hindu traditions, festivals and practices for modern families through books, videos and e-books

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Usha Kris


Usha Kris

  Usha Kris is an award winning photographer whose work has been published in several books including “Follow the Hindu Moon: a guide to the festivals of south India” (Random House), “The Hindu Temple”, “Kerala” (Roli Books), and “Vaastu” (Roli Books) amongst other genres such as cookbooks, and dance.

She teaches Photography and Photo Journalism and has several exhibitions to her credit.
Many of the leading architectural and industrial houses in Chennai have used Usha’s photos in publications, design magazines, brochures and publicity material.

Usha's articles on culture and travel are published in several magazines.

Her work is exclusively featured in the Television program, "Let's Celebrate."



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